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Vuoden ulkosuomalainen 2017 -tunnustus

Vuoden ulkosuomalainen 2017 -tunnustuksen Suomi-koulujen puolesta
vastaanotti Firenzen Suomi-koulun opettaja, Firenzen Suomi-Seuran puheenjohtaja Katia Brunetto. Kuva: Matti Porre/Tasavallan presidentin kanslia
Vuoden ulkosuomalainen 2017 –tunnustus Suomi-kouluille luovutettiin Kultarannassa Suomi-Seura ry:n johtokunta on myöntänyt Vuoden ulkosuomalainen 2017 -tunnustuksen maailmalla toimiville Suomi-kouluille. Vuoden ulkosuomalainen -tunnustuksen jakoi tasavallan presidentin puoliso Jenni Haukio Kultarannassa 15.6.2017.  Samassa yhteydessä ulkosuomalaisparlamentin edustajia tapasi presidentti Sauli Niinistön.  Suomi-kouluja on noin 140 (40 maassa) ja niissä opiskelee yli 4 000 ulkosuomalaislastan ja –nuorta. Suomi-Seura on valinnut vuodesta 1993 lähtien Vuoden ulkosuomalaisen. Tunnustus tullaan jakamaan kaikkille Suomi-kouluille elokuussa 2017 pidettävillä Suomi-koulujen opettajien koulutuspäivillä.

Juhlat - Our 40th Birthday

We had a party! This was the scene at the Victory Hall in Mobberley on Saturday as we waited for remaining guests; we had around 100 in the end. Anyone wandering in by mistake would have looked on and probably thought it was a pretty typical social event, but maybe noticed the Finnish flags and the not very local accents. Would they have known it was Finnish? If they had, would they have been able to point to Finland on a map? Perhaps not; the UK has so many diverse communities these days, and the Finnish one isn't the most numerous by any means. But here was a nice cross section of the many Finns who have come to settle in the North West of England, Manchester in particular.

By July the School itself has long since finished for the year, and many of its members have gone away, some to enjoy Finland's here-one-moment-gone-the-next summer. I'm exaggerating - Finns may tell you it's like that, but summer is often a blessed time in Finland and I can well remember being a…

A few days to go! Get your tickets now!

That's right, our big 40 Year Anniversary party is only a few days away, this coming Saturday! And we do have a few tickets left, so if this little reminder makes you realise you can come after all, don't hesitate, leave us a message on our Facebook page, and we'll sell or reserve a ticket for you, no problem.

Where is it?"I've never heard of Mobberley!" No, I hadn't either, but Kari found it for us and it's very easy to find, close to the airport, M6 and M56, near Knutsford. It's called Victory Hall; it looks like a nice place, with everything we need. What do we get? Well, there will be a few words to start with, some awards, along with some artwork by school members on display. Then, we're in for a fabulous treat, a buffet featuring some top quality traditional Finnish food, followed by music, a raffle and more.

It'll be nice to see people. Some old friends are coming, as well as current members, not to mention visitors from the wider N…

Our 40th Anniversary Party!

Here it is, coming very soon!
The time is near, for the Manchester Finnish School's big celebration of 40 years in existence.
It's a helluva thing, when you think about it. Not so much the sheer length of time, because many clubs and societies and voluntary groups carry on for decades or even the odd century. But it's an impressive status because it represents a very special continuity, of Finnish people in the North West and in Manchester in particular. The first generation came here and set up the School in the Sixties, and many are still around - in fact, one is still teaching, brilliantly, and inspiring us all! Many more have come to Manchester since; some have eventually gone back to Finland, but many have stayed for good (the craziest of all crazy Finns??).

So, we're having a party. It will kick off with a few worthy words, some special awards and such, but the main aim is to celebrate with fun and good food. We certainly haven't forgotten the kids, either, …

Modern Life!

Modern Life! – Finnish Modernism and the International Dimension is an exhibition still running at the Helsinki Art Museum (it's situated next to the big cinema in the Tennispalatsi, next to Kamppi) until the end of July - and parts of it will continue until later on in the year. If you're in Helsinki during the Summer or passing through, I'd encourage you to take a look. Although the title may not tell you very much, it's a major part of Suomi 100 and for myself, it was eye opening. The thing is, when you start to learn about Finland and its history, you hear a lot about the struggle for independence and in particular, the Winter War. Those are certainly extraordinary stories, but surely far more impressive is what Finland has achieved in peace. In population terms, Finland is tiny, and yet, as this exhibition at HAM shows, it has had a major impact all over world culture.
The exhibition is wide ranging and you will be familiar with many of its elements, especially su…

Suomi-koulun oppilaita ei tietojemme mukaan ollut terrori-iskun uhrien joukossa


Manchester, 23.5.2017 klo 12 BST

Suomi-koulun oppilaita ei tietojemme mukaan ollut terrori-iskun uhrien joukossa

Manchesterin Suomi-koulun tietojen mukaan eilisiltaisen terrori-iskun uhrien joukossa ei ollut suomikoululaisia.

On todennäköistä, että suomikoululaisten kaveripiirissä on perheitä, joihin terrori-isku on vaikuttanut. Ohjeita kriisitilanteiden käsittelyyn suomeksi ja englanniksi saa mm. seuraavilta sivuilta:


Otamme sydämestämme osaa terrori-iskun uhrien omaisten suruun ja toivotamme suomikoululaisille ja heidän vanhemmilleen voimia asian käsittelyyn. Ulkosuomalaisen yhteisön jäsenten tuki toisilleen on tässäkin asiassa korvaamatonta.

Konsuli ja lähetystö avustavat tarvittaessa ja heihin voi olla yhteydessä, jos ei esimerkiksi saa omaisiin yhteyttä.

Lähetystö: Riitta Kukkonen,, puh. 0799 0887 846.
Manchesterissa kunniakonsuli: Chris Rostron chris.rostron…

Vappu 2017

Vappu is the traditional Finnish 1st May festivity, but because of our fortnightly school sessions it's rare that we manage to celebrate it on the actual date. And it's Manchester. The stereotype is that it rains all the time, which just isn't true. But at this time of year the weather is often 'changeable' (or some such euphemism) and we've not been able to do anything at all, except a desultory escape to the pub. (Remember, click on a picture to see it larger)

So, our nearest possible date was 6 May, and after school we headed across Sale to Worthington Park, to the corner with lots of picnic tables. The weather... It was sunny and warm the day before, and would be pleasant again a couple of days later, but you'll notice lots of warm tops in the pictures. Thankfully it didn't rain, and we probably decamped sooner than we might have done. Pity. But Heidi and Lawrence brought a mini barbecue (and some very nice sima) and everyone was grateful for that. …