Monday, 20 February 2017

Manchester Consular Association Gala Dinner 17/11/17

From Chris Rostron:

Manchester Consular Association's (MCA) Annual Dinner will be a celebration of Finland's 100 years and will be looking to the future on Friday 17th November 2017.

The event will promote Finland to the countries represented by the MCA's Consul Generals, Honorary Consuls representing over 30 countries,  also local dignitaries: such as the Lord Lieutenant, who represents the Queen; the High Sherriff, who represents the British Judiciary; the Lord Mayors and Mayors representing the Local councils in the Manchester Area.

The Ambassador of Finland in the UK is the Guest of Honour and the Honorary Consul of Finland will be the President of the Manchester Consular Association. Their speeches will help raise the profile of Finland by showing how Finnish products are part of everyone's daily life, and promote Finland, its achievements and future direction at the event.

Secondly, the event will provide a Gala occasion for the Finns in Manchester and the surrounding regions to celebrate the occasion of Finland's 100 years of Independence.

The venue is the iconic Monastery in Manchester which has been magnificently restored to its former glory and is a fitting venue for this prestigious event in Manchester.

It is intended that Finnish organisations e.g. Finnair who fly twice daily direct to Finland, will be attending to help promote their images. The world famous Chetham's School of Music are being invited to provide musical entertainment for the guests.

The cost will be approx. £60 per person.
Contact Chris Rostron Honorary Consul of Finland for more information and bookings.

Saturday, 11 February 2017


And no sooner is one seasonal cake baked and eaten, than we have another!
This week, the suomikoulu organised a competition to see who could bake the best laskiaispulla, and these were the entries. Heidi won, quite rightly - anteeksi, I can't remember which one of these was hers, but I suspect it was A - but Kari and Ria-Noora came close with some tasty looking bakes.

Heidi told us about a dispute, which goes way back, as to the proper filling for the laskiaispulla, almond paste or raspberry jam, and we also held a poll to find out what people thought (result not yet in, but it looked as if raspberry jam was shading it).

I had a go, and it was time consuming - grinding the cardamom, and of course kneading the dough and performing all those unholy rituals trying to persuade it to rise - but fun. I'll definitely do this again - after seeing the other entries I know what I'm aiming for!