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Finns in the U.K.

First, there is Finn-Guild. In the unlikely case that you're unaware of Finn-Guild, you should really go to their site and read around. It's the most direct way of finding out about the full breadth of the presence of Finnish people in the U.K. They "...encourage intercultural exchange, build and establish diversified social networks, and offer a unique community for sharing experiences, knowledge and skills. Finn-Guild works for the benefit of the Finnish-British community." 
Finn-Guild is based in London, but maintains links and supports all the Finnish Schools around the U.K., and naturally offers a wide range of language courses itself.

Here are some (reasonably up-to-date) links to the websites of the various other Finnish Schools in the U.K.  If some are missing, sorry about that!  Also, note that many, like ourselves, maintain a Facebook page, and it's worth trying to find it if their website looks unattended to or you need a quick answer to a question. 


  1. Hello, I am looking for a Finnish interpreter (able to speak both fluent Finnish and English) in the Manchester / Old Trafford area to interpret at an appointment for a Finnish client.

    If anyone in your organisation can help, please call Anna on 07834 406184. Thank you!

    1. A couple of people showed interest, hopefully you've been contacted. Good luck!

  2. Hei, Suomen Lontoon-suurlähetystö järjestää Manchesterissä Presidentinvaalien ennakkoäänestyksen 20.1.2018 ja 3.2.2018 (mikäli kukaan ehdokkaista ei saa yli 50% äänistä ensimmäisellä kierroksella). Jos olet kiinnostunut toimimaan vaalivirkailijana niin olisitko yhteydessä


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