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Finns in the U.K.

First, there was Finn-Guild. You'll know by now that Finn-Guild in the U.K. has sadly had to decide to wind itself up, but you should really go to their site and read around. The website is still there, and it remains the most direct way of finding out about the full breadth of the presence of Finnish people in the U.K. Finn-Guild was based in London, but maintained links with all the Finnish Schools around the U.K., and naturally offers a wide range of language courses itself, which are continuing for the moment.

Here are some reasonably up-to-date links to the websites and Facebook pages of the various other Finnish Schools in the U.K. If some are missing, sorry about that!
There is indeed quite a number of Finnish Schools in and around London, reflecting the predominance of Finns who have gravitated to the capital. The Rotherhithe School was the original Finnish School in the U.K.
All these schools maintain a Facebook page, and it's worth going there if you need a quick answer to a question.

          Birmingham                       also on Facebook

          Brighton                              also on Facebook

          Bristol                                  also on Facebook

          Camberley                           also on Facebook

          Cambridge                           also on Facebook

          Cardiff                                  also on Facebook

          Edinburgh                            also on Facebook

          Glasgow                                also on Facebook

          Leeds                                     Facebook page

          Leicester / East Midlands    also on Facebook

          Liverpool                               also on Facebook

         London  (Croydon)               also on Facebook
           London  (East)                       also on Facebook

           London  (Kingston)               also on Facebook

           London  (Rotherhithe)          also on Facebook

           Oxford                                    Facebook page

           Portsmouth                            Facebook group

           St Albans                                also on Facebook

There are also contact addresses on Finn Guild's schools page for Finns in both Newcastle upon Tyne, and Frome (in Somerset), but it isn't obvious that either are formally set up as Saturday Schools. The truth is that suomikoulut have come and gone over the last forty or fifty years, but most major British cities seem to have a Finnish presence and a school organised. Every so often an enquiry pops up on Facebook, typically on a School's page a little distance away, asking if there are any other Finns interested in meeting or setting up a group. Even if you are happily settled in attending a particular school, it's always worth bookmarking the websites or Facebook pages of neighbouring schools. If only because, with the passing of Finn-Guild, Finns in the U.K. will need to work harder to keep up links between schools.


  1. Hello, I am looking for a Finnish interpreter (able to speak both fluent Finnish and English) in the Manchester / Old Trafford area to interpret at an appointment for a Finnish client.

    If anyone in your organisation can help, please call Anna on 07834 406184. Thank you!

    1. A couple of people showed interest, hopefully you've been contacted. Good luck!

  2. Hei, Suomen Lontoon-suurlähetystö järjestää Manchesterissä Presidentinvaalien ennakkoäänestyksen 20.1.2018 ja 3.2.2018 (mikäli kukaan ehdokkaista ei saa yli 50% äänistä ensimmäisellä kierroksella). Jos olet kiinnostunut toimimaan vaalivirkailijana niin olisitko yhteydessä


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