Interest Links

People are obviously able to use search engines, so we'll wait and see if this page is useful at all.
Here are some links to maybe get someone started, who's trying to get into things Finnish:


  • Uusi kielemme      'Finnish for busy people' - lots of material here
  • Selkouutiset      easy/simplified versions of YLE news items 
  • Ikomi      it's just a (knitting and stuff) blog, but often in Fin/Eng parallel texts 


  • Matkahuolto      Finnish buses are great! Use with eg. Google maps 
  • VR      the trains are great too, but try to book well in advance or they can be pricey 
  • VisitFinland and its Facebook page, I wish I was in Finland      ravishing pictures of this beautiful country, filling you with yearning 





  • Soundi      major music magazine 
  • Metal From Finland      if any metal fan doesn't know this site... what's wrong with you??? 


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